Concrete Bathroom Counters & Bathroom Sinks

Make a splash with your own customized concrete bathroom design including bathroom sinks, counters, showers, and more.

Bathroom Counters - Diamond Finish Concrete Countertops

Integral Counter Sinks

Integral Counter Bathroom Sinks are designed within the counter, creating a unified and consistent look. Contact us for a consultation!

Bathroom Sinks - Diamond Finish Concrete Countertops

Concrete Vessel Sinks

Concrete Vessel Sinks are designed to appear to sit upon a countertop with faucet fixtures above.

Concrete Pedestal Sinks can create a more traditional space design and are ideal for smaller bathrooms. They consist of sink bowl and base or stand that is called a pedestal.

Bathroom Sinks - Bathroom Concrete Countertops

Custom Colored Tiles

Keeping the theme alive, you may want to add concrete floor, wall or shower wall tiles. Did you know we can color them?

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