Custom Concrete Countertops

While it’s easy to get lost in all of the available counter top options, you’ll want to pay close attention to concrete countertops. Most materials that come to mind when thinking of counters can include granite, marble or tile. If you would like a unique look for your kitchen, concrete is right for you.

Highly durable countertops are resistant to knife cuts, high heat and stains (we seal the product) and the appearance can actually improve with age. These are impervious to water and easily maintained.

Concrete can be designed to allow for different shapes, long seamless runs in various thicknesses and unlike other hard surfaces, concrete is not limited to square or diamond patterns. Heights of your counters can be customized depending on the height of your stools or body height. You can also add embedded drain boards, trivets, and decorative inlays and can be personalized with unique embedded items such as pebbles, recycled glass and sea shells.


Custom Concrete Tables

The perfect table to match your kitchen concrete counter top is a concrete table. Worry-free concrete tables are perfect for a family who enjoys gathering in the kitchen more than worrying about where to place sizzling hot pots or coffee cups.

Concrete kitchen tables, living room coffee, end and accent tables are both functional and beautiful and will reflect your superior decorating style. Outside concrete tables weather the elements. Sleep soundly at night knowing your furniture won’t be blown away in high winds.

Commercial concrete restaurant tables are also a possibility because of their durability and ideal for outdoor applications

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