About Us

Diamond Finish Concrete Countertops is a family run business located in Chilliwack, BC and is run by Brent Indenbosch.

Brent has decided after 12 years in the concrete industry to direct all his efforts into concrete furniture and countertop design. Rather than pouring stamped driveways and patios, commercial floors and bridge decks, he is now dazzling his customers with his unique, custom designed countertops, fireplace surrounds, patio furniture and floor and wall tiles, just to name a few.

Colour & Design

Choosing the perfect colour for your concrete countertop is made easy at Diamond Finish CC. We have nine base colours, but ANY colour, tint, and shade can be created. I will work with you to make the process easy, till we achieve your colour preference.

There are no limits to what we can do. Any shape or size can be created. Each piece will be unique and customized to your personal preferences

Diamond Finish Concrete